change a character's EMOTION

         bychanging the eyes


events in our lives, our imagination, and often through

                  TRYING AND MAKING A MISTAKE!


       with author/illustrator

         STORYTELLING with


     character's personality and mood

       are shown in their BEHAVIOR

 I am a Nationally Board Certified Teacher holding an MS Degree in Education and a BFA in Visual and Performing Arts.  I have taught in the Wake County Public Schools System for 18 years and was voted "Teacher of the Year" by Green Hope Elementary School.

I am also a published author and illustrator of children's picture books with coinciding activity

workbooks.  The books and activities were written to encourage fun and meaningful interaction between young readers and the adults/children in their lives as they progress from an emergent reader to an independent reader.


                            SCHOOL PROGRAMS FOR YOUNG READERS (K-3)

The author visit and program is given freely to schools and can be adapted for a grade level learning experience, part of a school "Read-a-Thon,  Literacy Week Event,  "In School" Field Trip, or even as an addition to a Dr. Seuss Birthday Celebration. 

The author visit and activities take  roughly 50 minutes to an hour. The program can be repeated (modified for grade levels)  3-4 times per day and can be held during the school day or as an after-school/evening event.




I adore working with young learners and will gladly volunteer my time. I would like permission to send a school fundraising flyer

home to parents for purchasing books and activity books with 10% of all pre-event or day- of event sales going to the school

or school media center.